Laying Service

Eurolaying provides an Operated Equipment Rental Service between two public or private persons.
The operated equipment rental consists in renting both the equipment to lay closures, doors and windows, glass facades or roofing, and the staff specialized in its operation.

The operated equipment rental is based on a rental agreement along with operator, who supplies his expertise and skill to operate the equipment required.

Why choose an Operated Equipment Rental?
With the operated equipment rental you can benefit from equipment and specialized staff without investing money to buy machinery and resources.


The crawler crane Jekko differs from previous models in its extraordinary power and innovation that increase its performance in action. Jekko JF990 is an evolution of JF545 and JF365 and differs especially in smaller size, stretching and lifting capacity.
JF990 is a mini crane that can operate both on diesel and with a three-phase electric motor and can reach a height of 41 metres.
Jekko can also work either horizontally or vertically with the use of either hook or winch; it is possible to use a manipulator for glass panels and a three-person hydraulic platform. JF990 can be transported by truck without being considered as exceptional transport.
The mini crane can be managed by a single operator thanks to the use of a radio controller, it can be used in many situations of lifting and laying or maintenance.


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