High Speed Roll-Up Gates

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We are specialized in assembling industrial doors and in high speed roll-up gates, that are flexible vertically sliding closure systems ideal for quick and continuous transit and suitable for large openings, too.

High speed roll-up doors are closures that don’t involve obstacles in the floor and don’t reduce the passageway: they should be chosen and assembled when you need to have a large-dimension closure as space-saving as possible and quick and very functional at the same time.

The assembly stage of high speed roll-up doors is quite complex and very delicate since it should ensure the proper functioning of every single component over the long term, especially of the parts subjected to constant stress.
In order to ensure the high performance of high speed roll-up doors, it is essential that all the staff take the most appropriate measures by assembling. Eurolaying staff are highly skilled, they have been working for years in the field of assembling gates and they regularly attend refresher courses on that specific field.