Assembly of Fire Doors and Gates

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The correct installation and maintenance of REI fire doors and gates are extremely important for a correct shielding and protection of spaces in the event of fire.

REI doors and gates, acronym for Resistenza (strength) Ermeticità (tightness) Isolamento (insulation), are fire doors specially designed to be fireproof for a specific period of time. They are used as a passive protection system, both to reduce smoke or flame propagation and to ensure a safe escape from a building.

All components of REI fire doors and gates chosen by the Customer should be properly assembled in order to meet all requirements enforced by the safety regulations now in force. Sashes and all fittings like hinges, panic bars and seals should be produced and installed correctly to ensure the easiest possible opening and the highest strength in hazardous situations.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years and the use of skilled staff kept constantly up-to-date on the most modern installation and safety technologies, Eurolaying can guarantee a reliable assembling service of REI fire doors and gates in all buildings for public or private use that should comply with certain conditions enforced by fire safety standards.