Assembly of doors and windows

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Eurolaying is also specialized in assembling and laying doors and windows for industry and residential areas. The correct installation of doors and windows is crucial both for aesthetic reasons and to ensure the top quality and the energy efficiency of the building.

Eurolaying professionals assigned to assembling doors and windows and frames are able to identify the critical points of any door or window, the ones likely to be more effected by long-term use, bad weather or time, and they perfectly know how to lay at best the doors and windows chosen by the Customer in order to preserve their characteristics over time.

The first stage of work consists of an inspection at the construction site, when Customer’s needs and work peculiarities are considered carefully. During this stage the most suitable processes and assembly techniques are identified according to the building and the materials chosen both for doors and windows and the building itself.
This preliminary stage of inspection, before laying and assembling doors and windows, is very important to ensure the Customer an optimal result, in line with expectations and agreements reached by work confirmation, in full compliance with scheduled deadlines.

Installation technique is defined according to the type of wall where any door or window should fit in. Installation should be perfect and accurate to be functional to some efficiency characteristics of the building. Firstly, any door or window should act as an insulator from weather and ensure proper thermal insulation: it should protect against thermal shock avoiding sharp temperature rises in summer and temperature drops in winter.

Moreover, a good installation enables sound insulation and air permeability inside the building. Any door or window should also be able to withstand strong winds or extreme weather conditions, therefore a correct installation is crucial. Finally, a correct installation can also be used to guarantee the functioning declared by the manufacturer of the frames chosen.

A certification for laying is issued after installation, Eurolaying has achieved the certification for laying doors and windows.