Installation Professionals
Professional Laying and Assembling

Who We Are

Born as a sole trader under the name of the current owner and operating in the field for the installation of doors and windows and closures, Eurolaying makes use at present not only of its own skilled staff but also of the experience of valuable collaborators and external professionals providing its Customers increasingly specialized services like the assembly of glass, curtain walls and structural facades and special coverings.



The stage before laying and assembling is crucial to provide an optimal result. Eurolaying professionals make, firstly, an initial inspection during which they carefully assess Customer’s needs and identify the processes and skills required for every type of intervention.


After the inspection Eurolaying professionals take care of designing the processes to be carried out in a precise and detailed way. This stage enables technicians to find always the best solution and to arrive at the construction site prepared and aware of the processes required, of the skills and technologies to adopt and of any possible difficulty they will have to face. Designing is a key step to ensure an optimal final result and to succeed in delivering the work in time.


It is precisely because of the technical and operating experience of the staff active in the construction site, who constantly attend many refresher courses, too, that Eurolaying confirms itself as an international company of installation professionals, but it has also become a reference point for customers and engineering offices that need for consultancy services in the field of maintenance and renovation of already existing structures.


Eurolaying has more than 20 years of experience in new buildings, as well as in the renovation and maintenance of already existing residential, commercial and industrial structures, and can rely on its own team of in-house professionals kept constantly up-to-date and able to carry out even highly complex processes. Moreover, as well as on its in-house staff, Eurolaying can rely on a wide network of valuable collaborators and external professionals specialized in very specific services, for example in assembling special glasses, curtain walls and structural facades or special coverings.