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We are specialized in assembling and installing structural facades for large buildings, especially for industrial but also residential, commercial or directional use.
The facade of a building can be regarded as a sort of outer casing, a sort of covering that is used both for new buildings and already existing or being renovated structures. The assembly of these structures should be entrusted to expert hands: we have gained in Eurolaying a solid experience in the field, internationally, too, and more: all the staff are kept constantly up-to-date on the most modern installation techniques.

The most used material for facades is usually glass, that is fixed and supported by metallic mounts. This covering results in major gains from an aesthetic, but also from a structural and functional point of view. A glass facade is beautiful to admire both from the outside and the inside of the building, since it gives a sense of lightness and elegance to the structure, but it also acts as a thermal and sound insulator. Furthermore, one of the biggest benefits of this type of facade is a substantially increased brightness inside the building, that increases people’s well-being and at the same time decreases the need for a long-term use of artificial light, with a considerable energy saving.

There are at present several solutions for structural facades that can be customized for every need: there are facades that are assembled with fixed or opening elements. Any person looking at the structure will only see the glass surface and its metal profiles.

Whatever the type of facade and structural elements to make it up, only the most modern and innovative technologies are used for their assembly, in order to ensure functioning as well as aesthetics for a long period.
Our skilled staff carry out all stages in the service, from the unloading to the custody of the materials at the construction site up to its cleaning after installation.

We are equipped with our own professional equipment: platforms, scaffolds, vacuum devices, through which we can ensure the assembly of facades at high altitude, too. This enables a significant saving in terms of time and costs. For this type of service we rely on technicians who have attended a specific training activity and according to the size of the construction site we sometimes rely on trusted external collaborators.

Moreover, the experience gained over the years enables us to carry out consultancy work, too, in order to suggest the most appropriate construction method meeting Customer’s economic and functional needs, as well as the techniques able to ensure an assembly of the curtain wall as safe and quick as possible.

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