Laying and assembling of Facades, Doors and Windows, Closures
in commercial, industrial and civil buildings

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Professionalism, experience, detailed estimates without surprises

The construction of a new building or the maintenance or the renovation of an already existing ambience always require to take a great care to laying and assembling closures, facades and doors and windows. It is a very important operation that is often underestimated. In fact, not only aesthetics depends on the way facades, doors and windows or gates are assembled. It is the functioning of the building, too, that depends on assembly, especially in terms of energy performance and acoustic comfort.
In Eurolaying we take care indeed of this operation: laying and assembling facades, doors and windows, gates, parapets or canopies for commercial, industrial and civil buildings. We can do it well, with professionalism and experience. We lay and assemble:


Installation and Laying of Gates, Fire or Sectional Doors, Folding or High Speed Roll-Up Doors.

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Installation and Laying of Curtain Walls, Polycarbonate Facades, Spider Glazing and Structural Facades.

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From initial inspection to installation of solar shading systems and

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Installation and professional laying of glass
parapets and canopies

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Why you should choose Eurolaying


Eurolaying has been operating in the field for over 20 years and can rely on a qualified team, with experience, professionalism and great skills. And more: as well as in-house staff Eurolaying makes use of a network of professionals specialized in particular processes.


All Eurolaying works start with an inspection to understand the peculiarities of the work to be carried out and Customer’s specific needs. Another very important stage before works start is designing, when we identify timing and the best technologies to be applied.


Eurolaying works all over the world thanks to its flexibility to manage a construction site and its expertise in laying and assembling facades, doors and windows and closures. Eurolaying co-ordinates in full autonomy small, medium-sized and big construction sites of commercial and industrial buildings and residential areas.


Eurolaying operates in full transparency providing detailed specific estimates to ensure a construction without surprises. Eurolaying aim is to give all Customers an optimal result, in compliance with scheduled deadlines and agreed costs.

Some of our works

From inspection to laying and assembling