Assembly of Electric or Manual Industrial Closures

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Eurolaying takes care of laying and assembling gates with electric or manual locking. Eurolaying installs both industrial gates and closures suitable for residential areas and private homes, on small as well as big construction sites.

With its reliable experience Eurolaying lays and installs any type and size of gate, from small ones usually suitable for private homes or garages and motorpools, up to very big gates suitable for companies or shopping malls. Laying and assembling gates is a task that takes attention and focus and it is especially important in those areas or companies where gates are opened and closed very often: for example in loading and unloading areas, in warehouses, in openings used for the passing of lorries or other company vehicles several times a day, or even several times in an hour. Every centimetre of the closure should be installed perfectly, in order to ensure long-term functioning and strength.

Eurolaying provides an optimal result for any assembly of gates since it makes use of skilled competent staff trained over time not only through direct experience but also attending constantly training courses on new assembly techniques and on everything concerning technical regulations or construction site safety.

In addition, thanks to its dynamism and flexibility, Eurolaying is able to manage construction sites in full autonomy, and using its own equipment and vehicles it carries out its activities both in Italy and abroad.

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